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One of the leaders in the "Al-Hikma" movement revealed the content of the meeting yesterday between the delegation of the Reform Alliance and the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Erbil.

Abdullah al-Zubaidi in a statement to Al-Sumaria revealed that during a meeting of the reform alliance headed by Ammar al-Hakim with Massoud Barzani and Nechirvan Barzani, listened to the Democratic Party's view on how to solve the problems between Erbil and Baghdad and ensure that they are not repeated.

Added that the Democratic Party insisted on its participation in the next Iraqi government and expressed confidence in the potential of Adel Abdul Mahdi.




The Executive Council of the Kurdistan Islamic Union held a meeting in the city of Sulaymaniyah for the preparations for the meeting of the General Council and the position of the Kurdistan Islamic Union on the future of the political process.

The Executive Council of the Kurdistan Islamic Union, headed by Secretary-General Salahuddin Mohammad Bahauddin, met Monday in the city of Sulaymaniyah.

Member of the Executive Council of the Kurdistan Islamic Union Mustafa Abdullah in a statement to Kurdiu announced that : today's meeting decided to hold a meeting of the General Council on 25 of this month with the participation of 150 members for the purpose of evaluating the performance of the party in the past two years and putting of a strategy for the future.

He added that in another part of the meeting was discussed the issue of participation or non-participation of the Kurdistan Islamic Union in the next government of the Kurdistan Region and the new parliament of the region.




The Ministry of Electricity in the Kurdistan Region, Monday, announced the cutting of electricity in the region for up to 72 hours because of the implementation of a project aimed at increasing gas production.

"Dana Gas company , in cooperation with the Ministry of Natural Resources, has started implementing the project to increase the production of natural gas and because of the connection of pipelines, the supplies from Erbil gas stations and Chamchamal will stop working for 72 hours," the ministry said in a statement.

"The project aims to increase electricity production," the statement said.

The supplies will be cut from Friday, January 19, for a maximum of 48 to 72 hours.

The region faces a total shortage of electricity, most of the population relying on private generators at a time when the national system is unable to meet demand.




Iraq and Syria agreed on Monday to open border crossings between the two countries soon after ISIS defeat.

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem said in a joint press conference with Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari in Damascus that "coordination is ongoing between Syria and Iraq in various fields, especially in the field of water security and the right to optimize investment of their water resources."

Jaafari pointed out that the closure of the crossings between the two countries came due to exceptional circumstances due to terrorism and will be opened soon, "stressing that" Iraq appreciates Syria's positions in support of it and will not allow any external interference in its relationship with it. "




The leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, on Monday, called on Kurdish politicians to leave the party quotas and stay away from all corrupt, and renew the covenant for Iraq.

"My message to Kurd Iraq and their politicians is that we want you to live with us without separation, this is the highest meaning of love to be together in a unified Iraq," Sadr said in a tweet via Twitter.

"We want you to be strong, dear, and we will share our living among us. We will not allow anyone to attack you. We know that among you have the ones who love moderation and do not differentiate between Kurdi and Arab except with piety and patriotism."

He added: "Come to save Iraq and leave the quota and leave all corrupt and renew the covenant for Iraq with new faces fair ,preserve your prestige and raise your status after we cherish Iraq and its people and unite your old generation with the new generation and be you one of the pillars of Iraq.

"To be (Kirkuk) an example of peaceful coexistence of all sects and races" he said.




Two earthquakes hit the city of Soran and Rawanduz in the north of Erbil in the Kurdistan region.

The residents came out from their homes for fear of their lives, local sources said.

According to preliminary information, the quake did not cause any casualties.

An earthquakes measuring 3.2 on the Richter scale hit the city of Soran on Thursday morning, 10 km from the center of the city.




A senior Shiite and Sunni delegation arrived in Erbil on Sunday to discuss how to form the next Iraqi government.

A senior Shiite and Sunni delegation headed by Ammar al-Hakim arrived in Erbil on Sunday to discuss the formation of the next Iraqi government with Kurdish officials.

It is worth mentioning that how the participation of Kurds in the next Iraqi government is not clear so far and it is also unclear how response the new Iraqi government to the demands of the Kurds.




Asayish forces in Dohuk province on Saturday arrested two people with about 50 kilograms of heroin drugs in order to trade them.

Director of the Drug Control Center in the province of Dohuk, Colonel Faraj Kocher said in a press statement that "the Directorate had prior information on a Toyota Camry car in which the amount of narcotic substances."

"They were able to confiscate the car and arrest two people, as well as confiscating the amount of narcotic drugs," he said.

"These two people wanted to smuggle that amount of narcotics into Turkey and from there to European countries," he said.

"These two people have links with gangs to trade these kinds of narcotics," he said, adding that "the source of this material is Iran."





صور .. ضبط 50 كغم من مادة "الهيروين" ايرانية المصدر في دهوك


Local sources , Sunday, revealed that Kurdish blocs in Baghdad demanded 4 ministries in the next cabinet that is scheduled to be formed by the Prime Minister-designate Adel Abdul-Mahdi, noting that the distribution of these ministries will be during the negotiations between the Kurdish blocs.

The sources said that "ministries in the next government will be distributed according to the election results ,the Kurds demanded four ministries."

Added that "among the ministries one of them is sovereign Oil or Finance , because these two ministries on direct contact in the relations between Erbil and Baghdad," noting that "the distribution of ministries between the Kurdish blocs will be in accordance with the negotiations between them."




Turkey: Truck overturns, 22 migrants dead

At least 22 irregular migrants, including children, died and 13 people were injured on Sunday when a truck carrying them overturned in Turkey’s western province of Izmir. 

Ambulances were dispatched to the scene.

The truck was en route to Izmir from Aydin province and overturned in the Menderes district, according to local sources who did not wish to be named due to restrictions on speaking to the media. 

Meanwhile, Chief Public Prosecutor's Office in Menderes launched an investigation over the incident. 

Turkey has been a main route for irregular migrants trying to cross into Europe, especially since 2011, when the Syrian civil war began.

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