The hottest rain on record

04/08/2018 - 19:51 Published in News/Entertainments & arts

As the world waits to see if a new European temperature record will be set in Spain or Portugal on Saturday, another was broken in the US state of California.

Imperial, in the south of the western state, recorded the highest temperature at which rain has ever fallen anywhere in the world - 48.3 degrees Celsius.

It was just another in a long list of temperature records that have been smashed this year on four continents.

Africa recorded its highest-ever reliably measured temperature on July 5, when Ouargla, Algeriatopped 51.3C.

In Asia, Japan, North and South Korea all saw new records. Japan's heat set a record on July 23, when Kumagaya reported a maximum of 41.1C. Meanwhile, Pyongyang and Seoul both broke their previous maximum temperatures on August 1 when they reported 37.8C and 39.4C, respectively.

In Europe, Finland reported its average temperature was the highest ever in July, and across many parts of Scandinavia's Arctic Circle temperatures above 32C set new records.

Meanwhile, in North America temperatures peaked on July 2 in Montreal with a new record of 36.6C, causing at least 70 heat-related deaths across the province of Quebec. 

Scorching rain

Now, the new record of hot rain has been set in California.

According to Jeff Masters from, most of the rain evaporated before hitting the ground because the humidity was so low, but a trace of precipitation was recorded in the rain gauge and this set a new, unenviable world record.

Previously the record had been 46C, held by Needles in California from August 2012, closely followed by 43C measured in both Mecca, Saudi Arabia in June 2012 and in Marrakech, Morocco in July 2010.

One person from Imperial reported going outside while the rain was falling and said the weather made it difficult to breathe and it felt hard on their heart.

Despite all the weather records that have been set in the last few weeks, more records are expected to be set as the summer continues across the northern hemisphere.




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