Toddlers overtake terrorists, shoot 23 in the US this year

Wednesday, 04 May 2016 16:06

Toddlers have accidentally shot more people in the United States than terrorists since the beginning of this year, making the number more than those killed at the hands of terrorists in the country. Anews report revealed that nine cases involved the toddler getting hold of a handgun and shooting him or herself.

A Washington Post‎ report said as many as 23 people have died in such mishaps since January this year. The newspaper discovered that young children were finding guns and shooting people or themselves at a rate of roughly once a week. Such is the easy accessibility children have to firearms in the United States.

Another Washington Post report last year said that people were getting shot by toddlers on a weekly basis. Till August last year, shootings by toddlers had happened in 24 states with Missouri alone reporting five such cases.

Gun laws in America have been very lax. The report shows that most of the fatalities have occurred in the more gun-friendly states than any others. Georgia has the highest number, a whopping eight fatalities occurring, followed by Texas and Missouri with seven.