China: Death toll rises to 45 in Typhoon Lekima

12/08/2019 - 17:08 Published in News/General

At least 45 people were killed and 16 more remain missing due to a landfall caused by Typhoon Lekima in eastern China, country’s state agency Xinhua reported on Monday. 

The deadly Lekima -- the ninth typhoon of the year -- hit Zhejiang province in China's eastern coast and caused a landslide early in the morning on Saturday. 

Over one million people have been evacuated from their homes, report said, adding the typhoon caused 16.6 billion yuan ($ 2.3 billion) economic loss. 

On Friday morning, China's National Meteorological Center issued a top-level red alert for Lekima with a maximum wind force reaching 209 km/h. 

Since Friday, more than 1,000 flights, train and ferry services have been canceled in major parts of east China. 

The typhoon is expected to hit another coastline in Shandong late Sunday, said Xinhua citing National Meteorological Center. 

Lekima affected air traffic as well as the daily lives of the people. Local airports had to adjust 47 flights and all kindergartens, elementary and middle schools closed.