Saudi-led bloc unveils new Qatar ‘terrorist’ list

25/07/2017 - 16:44 Published in News/General

A Saudi-led bloc that has imposed a blockade on Qatar has unveiled a new list of 18 organizations and individuals they accuse of having links with terrorism. 

Last month, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain cut ties with Qatar, accusing Doha of supporting terrorism. 

The four states have issued a list of 59 individuals and 12 organizations they accuse of “terrorist” links, a move decried by Qatar. 

And on Tuesday, the four states blacklisted nine organizations and nine individuals “directly or indirectly linked to Qatari authorities" as "terrorist", according to a joint statement carried by Egypt’s official MENA news agency. 

The new list includes three organizations based in Yemen and six based in Libya. 

They also blacklisted three Qataris, three Yemenis, two Libyans and a Kuwaiti they said were implicated in "fundraising campaigns to support terrorist groups in Syria”. 

"We expect Qatari authorities to take the next step and prosecute the terrorist groups and people," the statement said. 

"To ensure this, the four countries and their international partners will monitor the commitment of the Qatari authorities," it added. 

There was no comment from the Qatari authorities on the new list. 

The Saudi-led bloc has imposed a sea, land and air blockade on Qatar and presented a list of 13 demands, including the closure of the pan-Arab Al Jazeera television and Turkish base in Doha, or face further sanctions. 

Qatar has denied the accusations and contends that the blockade is in violation of international law.