It is scheduled to resume talks between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Iraqi government, this weekend, where several committees have been formed for this

The Turkish Air Force launched a series of air strikes targeting 13 PKK positions in the Kurdistan region.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense announced that the

Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union, on Saturday, participated in the ethics conference entitled "Light of morals, the eye of life", in the city of

Authorities in Afghanistan on Sunday confirmed over 60 people were killed and nearly 200 injured in late last night's suicide attack at a wedding in

The Directorate of Meteorology and Seismic Monitoring in Kurdistan region announced on Sunday, the rise of temperatures during the next three days in the cities

The mayor of Dukan in Sulaymaniyah province, Shaho Othman announced on Sunday, the number of tourists who visited the district during the days of Eid

Norwegian police on Saturday thanked two senior Muslims who overpowered a suspected gunman planning to kill scores in an Afghan mosque in Baerum city.

Mohamed Rafiq

Iraq's Badra oilfield has produced 1.8 million tons of oil since the beginning of 2019, Gazprom Naft, the oil production arm of Russian gas giant

The Kurdistan Parliament will resume its regular sessions on September 1 after the end of its holiday.

Abbas Fattah, Vice-Chairman of the Legal Committee of the

The Japanese Embassy in Iraq grants visas to Iraqi citizens.

The Japanese Embassy in Iraq announced that a large number of citizens requested visas to visit

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