The Ministry of Interior in the Kurdistan Region has established women's emergency force of 24 women tasked to face rioting and dealing with

The Kurdish parties reached an agreement today on the formation of a unified list for them to participate in the elections of Iraqi provincial councils.


Kurdistan Parliament is scheduled to meet on Sunday to vote on the first amendment to the Rules of Procedure of the Kurdistan Parliament .

The presidency

Unidentified gunmen launched an attack last night on the village of "Mikhas" in the city of Khanaqin and resulted in the killing of three Kurdish

Kirkuk court for the second time issued a warrant to arrest the Head of Kirkuk Provincial Council Rebwar Talabani.

Informed sources said

Wider access to technology among young people is giving way to increasing cybercrime, including online grooming, which specifically targets vulnerable children, according to a social

Heavy rain hit northeastern Turkey on Saturday. 

Streams overflowed in Artvin province and some roads were blocked in the district of Borcka due to the flash

Security sources reported on Thursday that a fire broke out inside a hotel in downtown Sulaimaniyah.

"A fire broke out at the Mehraco Hotel in central

Forming a committee to investigate the work of the two companies of Kar and Qaiwan, a member of the committee says that they have doubts

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