Concerned authorities in the city of Sulaimaniya, announced the arrest of more than ninety people on charges of drug use during

Secretary-General of the International Union for Muslim Scholars, Ali Qara Dagi, he said that "Western policy based on Machiavellian and duplication

At least three people were killed on Wednesday in a suicide bombing in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, according to security

Kurdistan Islamic Union condemned the bombings that took place in the city of Qamishlo Wednesday morning 7/27/2016.


The Democratic Party has made history by nominating Hillary Clinton to run for US president as the first woman to head

Two explosions have struck a predominantly Kurdish town in northern Syria, killing at least 50 people and wounding dozens.

Syrian state TV

Leader in the Kurdistan Islamic Union pointed to the efforts of the Secretary-General of the Union on reconciliation between the political

Teachers threatened to boycott the classroom to denounce the decision of the salary savings, during a meeting with the Minister of

A group of teachers filed a lawsuit against the PM of the KRG because of a statement on salaries.

Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union, Salahadin Muhammad Bahaedin, in his headquarters in the city of Erbil, received a delegation of