A knife-wielding former employee has killed at least 19 people and injured 25 at a care centre for the mentally disabled

Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union, Salahadin Muhammad Bahauddin received Chairman of the Union of Kurdistan football Safin Kanabi and his

Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union , Salahadin Muhammad Bahauddin on Sunday received a delegation of the organization (IRI) composed of

A 27-year-old Syrian man died when a bomb he was carrying in a rucksack went off outside a music festival in Germany and

A suicide car bomb killed at least 21 people and wounded more than 32 at the entrance to a town northeast

Iranian authorities have destroyed 100,000 satellite dishes and receivers as part of a widespread crackdown against illegal devices they say "deviate morality

A group of citizens in Takia town in the city of Sulaimaniya, staged a demonstration condemning the lack of primitive services.

Informed sources from the Kurdish Peshmerga, pointed out that the state regulation militants bombed sites belonging to the Peshmerga by chemical

The Leadership Council of the Kurdistan Islamic Union , and the presence of the Secretary-General Salahadin Muhammad Bahauddin , held its

Ministry of Interior and Labour and Social Affairs in the provincial government and the Supreme Council for Women's Affairs and the