Saudi businessman working in Turkey in the field of investment buildings and architectural willing to pay an amount of $ 270,000

A court in Bahrain dissolved the main Shia opposition group Al-Wefaq on Sunday, accusing it of helping to foster violence and

Tens of thousands of demonstrators came out on the streets of Turkey's capital Ankara and other cities to show support for the goverment in the

Sulaymaniyah International Airport to resume flights to Istanbul Ataturk Airport after a break for two days.

Sulaymaniyah International

President of the Kurdistan Islamic Union leadership council announced that Kurdistan for the time being in dire need for the joint

It is scheduled to visit the Secretary-General of the Iraqi Dawa Party today Sunday, 07/17/2016 Sulaimaniyah city and meet with both

An earthquake has rocked the city of Lahore in northern Pakistan, witnesses said. 

The epicentre of the 4.4

So far 6,000 people have been detained in Turkey in relation to a failed coup, with more detentions expected, broadcaster NTV

A statement from the Kurdistan Islamic Union praised the awareness of the Turkish people to take to the streets to defend