Deputy for the list of the Kurdistan Islamic Group in Kurdistan Parliament, pointed out that they are subjected to political pressure

A siege at a restaurant in Dhaka ended in the deaths of 20 foreign hostages, the Bangladeshi army said Saturday.

A Turkish aid ship carrying 11,000 tons of supplies for the Gaza Strip left the southern port of Mersin Friday

Hagia Sophia reverberated to a muezzin’s call to morning prayer from inside the 6th century Istanbul landmark for the first

One in five British Muslim women do not feel secure living in Britain, according to Tell MAMA, a London-based group

Political Council of the Kurdistan Islamic Union held its normal meeting today Thursday, as a first meeting after the end of

A delegation from the Relations Office of the Kurdistan Islamic Union, visited the third Centre of the Islamic Group in the

The Leadership Council of the Kurdistan Islamic Union condemned the bombings that targeted the Turkish Ataturk Airport, in downtown Istanbul .

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for an attack on a police academy near the capital, Kabul, that killed dozens of recruits.

Islamic Movement in Kurdistan announced postponment the 11th conference to the end of July ,because of the incompleteness of the necessary