Iranian Kurdistan Democratic Party declared that Iran's Revolutionary Guards sent troops and equipment and heavy military vehicles to the city of

Scheduled to visit the joint delegation of the Change Movement and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan the city of Erbil on Monday to

Kurdistan Regional Government appealed to the Iranian Islamic republic , and Turkey, to stop the bombing on its border areas.

Hiwa Private Hospital for cancer , appealed to citizens to provide aid to them to provide the necessary services for patients.


Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has urged all Iraqis to celebrate the recapture of Fallujah during a visit to the city

Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union , Salahadin Muhammad Bahaedin on Sunday, discussed the latest political developments with the President of

Secretary-General of the International Union for Muslim Scholars Ali Qaradaghi is using his efforts to mediate between the Turkish government and the Kurdistan

Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union stressed the need to compensate the Kurds, he refers to his party's efforts to mediate

Erbil Police Directorate on Sunday announced the arrest of 277 wanted on charges using and trading drugs adding to adjust more

A senior Iraqi commander has declared that the city of Fallujah is "fully liberated" from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant