Leading member in the Kurdistan Islamic Union praised the next conference of her party to be held early next month, and stresses that the

President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani, with the French defense minister discussed the situation on the battlefield against ISIS and to provide

On March 22, a series of blasts hit the Brussels Airport and a metro station located near the EU institutions' offices in the center

Belgium has charged two more suspects in connection with last month's Brussels airport and metro attacks, according to the federal prosecutor's office.

A statement

Four suicide bombers carried out explosions in a village in Russia's Stavropol region, close to the North Caucasus, police said.

Three of the suicide

Kurdish parliamentary source pointed out that the prefer to stay Kurds ministers in thier office in the new government formation headed by al-Abadi .

Police in Erbil City pointed to the death of a mother and her daughter in a fire that broke out in their home Monday

Police of Sulaymaniyah found a body of a citizen, in an unknown accident.

A statement issued by Arbat police in the city of Sulaimaniya 

Sulaimaniyah Provincial Council meets tomorrow to discuss a range of issues.

According to an official letter to the Council that President of the Sulaimaniyah

Organize a welcoming ceremony for first flight from Diyarbakir Airport to Erbil International Airport.

The first flight between Erbil International Airport and the airport