On the backdrop of Abadi's announcement for names of his new government, the Kurdistan Islamic Union revealed that they did not provide any candidate

Iraq's parliament held a session on Thursday evening in the presence of Haider Abadi, the Iraqi prime minister and lasted several hours and during

US embassy in Baghdad transferred a number of its employees to the Kurdistan Region on Thursday in anticipation any demonstrations of protestors in the

At least 15 people were killed after a section of an under-construction overpass collapsed in a crowded area of the eastern Indian city of Kolkata

Kurdistan Islamic Union rejects a request to Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to provide CV of a candidate from KIU to fill a ministerial

Leader in the Kurdistan Islamic Union denies a news published on Lvinpress site about his party's conference, and stresses that the Islamic Union enjoy

Scheduled to meet heads of Kurdish blocs in the Iraqi parliament with the president of the Republic of Iraq on the latest developments.


Assistant Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union declares that the Prime Minister of Iraq did not demand negotiation with the Kurdish political parties so

A commander in the Peshmerga forces announced that the weakness of the Iraqi army delays the liberalization process of Mosul.

The emergence of weakness

The US State Department and Pentagon ordered on Tuesday the families of American diplomats and military staff to leave posts in southern Turkey because