The United States and its allies conducted four strikes against Islamic State in Iraq on Monday, the coalition leading the operations said.


In a statement released

Spokesman of Police Directorate in the city of Sulaymaniyah announces that police were able to arrest a gang of stealing cars is made up of

ISIS published a video clip of beheading a member of Peshmerga by a Kurdish member belong to ISIS.

Last night, militants of the organization

Last week, Iraqi military command announced the start of a campaign to liberate the northern Nineveh province from Daesh militants, after it successfully

regained control over

The hijacker of an EgyptAir passenger jet was arrested at Cyprus' Larnaca airport after a five-hour standoff. No one was hurt in the incident after

President of the Kurdistan Parliament stressed the need to resolve the lingering crises in the region within the parliament and not outside.

President of

Leader in the Kurdistan Islamic Union pointed to the presence of security chaos in Iraq, he confirmed the existence of dozens of armed militias.

Brussels prosecutors have charged another man with belonging to a terrorist group, the Belgian press agency Belga reported.

Belga on Sunday named the man arrested as

A group of teachers in Halabja province staged a protest to denounce delay their salaries , and they decided to continue their boycott for the

Is scheduled to meet the five main political parties at the same table on Monday in the city of Sulaimaniyah for the first time after