A traffic accident occurred on the road between Halabja - Huraman Tuesday, wounding four people.

According to information, a traffic accident occurred on Tuesday 22 October

Asayish Directorate of Sulaimaniyah issued a statement on last week's explosion on Azmar Mount.

Asayish said in the statement that the explosion was caused by a

Kurdistan Regional Government has submitted a new proposal to the Iraqi government on the issue of the delivery of oil of the region, according to

An Iraqi government committee investigating a wave of unrest found that 149 civilians were killed because security forces used excessive force and live fire to

Made homeless when Turkish shells slammed into his house in northern Syria, Kurdish day labourer Suleiman Mohamed and his family spent 10 days in desperate

A number of places have been set up in the province to accommodate a number of refugees in western Kurdistan "Rojawa" as a first stage,

An explosion occurred in front of Badr Organization headquarters in Kirkuk this evening.

An explosive device exploded Monday evening in front of the headquarters of the

Kurdistan Parliament will hold a regular meeting next Wednesday and invite MPs to attend without pointing to the agenda.

The Presidency of the Kurdistan Parliament invites

After US President Donald Trump issued a dicision for withdrawal of his troops from western Kurdistan and northern Syria, US forces in the

The Kurdish political parties and some Shiite political parties expressed support for the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi.

"Masalla" agency from a

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