Ending the registration of political entities for the Iraqi elections

Saturday, 13 January 2018 14:17

The Iraqi Electoral Commission Thursday evening announced the closure of the registration of political entities to participate in parliamentary elections. The political map showed separate alliances for both Prime Minister Haider Abadi and Nuri al-Maliki, Vice President and key forces in the Popular Mobilisation forces.

"The end of the Commission to receive registration applications for electoral alliances by the end of the official working day on Thursday," the head of the electoral administration of the Commission Riad Badran said in a statement.

He added that "the political parties authorized and did not enter the electoral alliances will participate individually in the upcoming elections and the Commission will receive lists of names of candidates for the parties until the tenth of February next."

On the other hand, sources said that the negotiations to form alliances Shiite and Sunni including most of the political leaders of these two components have failed.