Fatah Alliance: Kurds are close to our alliance, we will announce the largest bloc in the first meeting of parliament

28/08/2018 - 18:31 Published in News/Iraq

Fatah alliance , Tuesday, confirmed that it will announce the largest bloc, which will end their dialogues within hours of the first session of parliament, indicating that Maliki is not the only candidate in the bloc.

The MP for the Fatah alliance Haneen Qado in a press statement said that "the dialogues being conducted by the Fatah bloc to announce the largest bloc with all the political blocs still continue."

He added that "the blocs that decided to join the alliance are the State of Law, "Irada","Kafaat" and small blocks and parts of "Al-Nasr" as well as conducting dialogues with Turkmen of Kirkuk and reached the advanced stages to join the alliance," adding that "the coming hours will see joining of Kurds to the Alliance ".





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