Turkey officially demand for the opening of its consulate in Kirkuk and Najaf

22/12/2018 - 16:21 Published in News/Iraq

Turkey's ambassador to Iraq Fatih Yildiz asked for the Iraqi government to open Turkey's consulate in Kirkuk and Najaf.

Yildiz said that the opening of the consulate in the cities of Kirkuk and Najaf is important for Turkey, adding that they also want to reactivate the consulate of Mosul and Basra.

Yildiz added that the two cities are important for Iraq and Turkey for the purpose of consolidating relations between the two countries. When we open the consulate, we open the visa center with it.

 About the city of Kirkuk announced that before the opening of the consulate in Kirkuk, we open the visa granting center because of the presence of Turkmen citizens and Kirkuk has an ethnic and blood relationship with Turkey and it is a different city.