Kurdish blocs will not vote for the budget of 2019

29/12/2018 - 21:53 Published in News/Iraq

Parliamentary sources within the Kurdish blocs in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Saturday, confirmed that the Kurdish blocs will not vote on the budget for 2019 in its current form.

The sources said that "the Kurdish blocs have a lot of points and observations on the draft federal budget budget for 2019, especially reducing the share of the region without any legal reason or constitutional, as well as the dues of farmers (of the region) and Halabja, and others.

The Kurdish blocs that "the budget of 2019 is not in the required level, which is unfair for everyone, including Kurdistan," pointing at the same time that "the Kurdish blocs will not vote for this budget."

Called for a meeting between the "Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, and the government committee formed by the Council of Ministers headed by the Minister of Finance, to make necessary and radical adjustments in the interest of Iraqi citizens throughout the country."