Baghdad supplies a new oil pipeline from Kirkuk towards Turkey

17/01/2019 - 19:37 Published in News/Iraq

The Iraqi Ministry of Oil said it is working seriously to accelerate the implementation of pipeline projects transporting crude oil from Kirkuk to Ceyhan, Rumaila towards Aqaba and linking the northern transport networks to South to acquire the flexibility of transport and export, while expressing their willingness to amend the law of the National Oil Company in the event of being returned to the government.

Deputy Minister of Energy and Oil Minister Thamer Ghadhban said in a statement to the newspaper "Sabah" said that the Ministry of Oil prepared a plan to diversify the ports of export of crude, as working seriously and on a daily basis to prepare plans and programs regarding the export of oil from Rumaila fields towards the port of Aqaba, The alternative pipeline to export oil towards the Turkish port of Ceyhan starting from Kirkuk, in addition to linking the internal network of the north to the south.

He added that the establishment of these projects will allow Iraq the ability to maneuver and flexibility in the transfer and export of oil for strategic and economic reasons, and in the event of an emergency or stop or shrink in a certain port, revealing the existence of other outlets to ensure the stability of the export system and the rates of crude production and gas.