Kurdistan Islamic Union bloc in the parliament of Kurdistan, Monday, confirmed that the Kurdistan Regional Government is able to pay the salaries of its employees

According to the information that Ribaz Hamlan, the former finance minister in the Kurdistan Regional Government takes up a new post, which is Assistant Prime

The Independent High Electoral Commission, Monday, confirmed that the province of Kirkuk will participate in the provincial elections scheduled for April next year.

Deputy Chairman of

The Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan region held its second meeting headed by Masrour Barzani, and discussed range of files.

After discussing the shooting in

U.S. President Donald Trump staunchly rejected Monday Iran's claim that it has broken up a CIA spy ring, and has sentenced some of those individuals

Europe has joined hands with China and Russia for a joint scientific research station on the Moon, a Chinese space official said on Monday.

Deputy director

British Airways and Lufthansa abruptly suspended flights to Cairo from Saturday over security concerns, but giving no details about what may have prompted the move.

The former spokesman of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), Safeen Dzayi, was named as the official of the Kurdistan Regional Government's Foreign Relations Department, replacing

Security sources reported on Sunday that Iranian forces opened fire on sheep shepherds inside the territory of Kurdistan, pointing out that it arrested 11 citizens

Prime Minister of the Kurdistan region, on Sunday, decided to appoint Ashti Hawrami as an assistant to the Prime Minister for Energy affairs, according to

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