Political Council to meet with the KIU bloc in the Kurdistan Parliament

18/07/2016 - 17:08 Published in News/Kurdistan

Political Council of the Kurdistan Islamic Union on Monday 18/7/216 presence of the Secretary-General Salahadin Muhammad Bahaedin and under the supervision of Hadi Ali, chairman of the Political Council hold its ordinary meeting with the Kurdistan Islamic Union bloc in the Kurdistan Parliament.

Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union at the beginning of the meeting pointed to the latest political developments in the Kurdistan and the region, and also pointed out the project of reconciliation of the Kurdistan Islamic Union, which is in preparation stage in the hope of success with the help of the other political parties to get out from lingering crises in the region.

In another part of the meeting, Chairman of the Political Council of the Kurdistan Islamic Union praised the role of the deputies and stressed to continue their role in the parliamentary committees.