Iranian forces arrest 11 shepherds inside the Kurdistan region

21/07/2019 - 20:46 Published in News/Kurdistan

Security sources reported on Sunday that Iranian forces opened fire on sheep shepherds inside the territory of Kurdistan, pointing out that it arrested 11 citizens and withdrew to inside Iran.

The sources said that "Iranian forces penetrated today, in the Haji Omran area in the Kurdistan region, and opened fire on sheep shepherds."

"The forces confiscated 430 cattle and kidnapped 11 citizens and withdrew to Iran ," it said.

For his part, the Mayor of the Haji Omran in the province of Erbil, Farznk Ahmed, on Sunday, announced the release of 11 shepherds arrested by Iranian forces today.

Ahmed said in a press statement that "the Iranian authorities released 11 Kurdish shepherds arrested in the area of ​​Haji Omran."

Ahmed added that "the release of the shepherds came after the Kurdistan government contacted the Iranian officials to release them."