Erbil announces a new round of talks with Baghdad

22/07/2019 - 20:16 Published in News/Kurdistan

The Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan region held its second meeting headed by Masrour Barzani, and discussed range of files.

After discussing the shooting in a restaurant in Erbil and the arrest of its executor, the participants discussed the points of the first meeting. In this regard, Prime Minister Mesrour Barzani stressed the need to provide the government departments in the region the best services to citizens.

The meeting dealt with the latest visit of the delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government to Baghdad headed by Masrour Barzani , who stressed during the meeting the need to clarify the constitutional rights of the citizens of the region through the figures and statistics for officials of the Iraqi government.

It was announced during the meeting also, a close round of talks between a joint committee between Baghdad and the region to find solutions to the outstanding issues between the two sides.