Turkey announces killing of hundreds of PKK members

18/09/2019 - 21:56 Published in News/Kurdistan

The Turkish Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday that 417 PKK members had been killed in the Kurdistan region in the past four months.

Ministry official Colonel Tamer Zengirqal told a press conference on recent developments related to the claw operations.

Zengirqal confirmed that Turkish forces managed to kill 111 members during the claw operations.

He stressed that the Turkish forces targeting PKK positions also outside the scope of the claw operations, and in the areas of Zab ,Avashin, Basian, Gara, Metina, and Qandil, in the Kurdistan region.

He added: "Since the beginning of the claw operations to date, 417 elements of the PKK were killed, 111 of them in the framework of the claw operations," indicating that 357 elements were killed by the Air Force.