Kurdistan Islamic Union bloc warns of not reaching an agreement with Baghdad

19/09/2019 - 20:01 Published in News/Kurdistan

Kurdistan Islamic Union bloc in the Kurdistan Parliament, Thursday, warned against not reaching an agreement with the federal government in Baghdad.

"There is no option for the Kurdistan region but to reach an agreement with the federal government in Baghdad," said Ismail Sakiri, deputy head of the Kurdistan Islamic Union bloc, who participated in the meeting with President Barham Saleh.

Sakiri stressed that "it is very necessary to Erbil to reach an agreement satisfactory to the two sides with Baghdad to resolve the outstanding issues, especially the oil file and the crisis," adding that "if they didnt reach an agreement, the economic situation in the region will return to the period of crisis."

He added that "KRG stipulated that Baghdad to pay sovereign expenses and salaries and dues of oil companies," noting that "Baghdad rejects until now the demands of Erbil."