Rapprochement between Erbil and Baghdad on the outstanding problems

21/09/2019 - 15:50 Published in News/Kurdistan

Dana Jaza, a member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, announced that an Iraqi government delegation is visiting the Kurdistan Region this week and a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government is visiting Baghdad. This means that an important political movement will begin this week.

He added that there is a desire from both sides towards resolving the differences and outstanding problems between Erbil and Baghdad, especially on the share of the region of the general budget for Iraq for 2020, because the Kurdistan Regional Government wants to sign a long-term agreement with the Iraqi government.

He added in a statement to Sulaimaniyah site that among the important files being discussed is the budget , the share of the Peshmerga ,international loans , and compensation between Baghdad and Erbil ,these issues are not easy , but there is a good rapprochement between the two sides.