Iranian forces fire live bullets at demonstrators

17/11/2019 - 23:09 Published in News/Kurdistan

The pace of protests in a number of Iranian cities, on Sunday, escalated because of high fuel prices in the country.

Media sources said that "security forces began firing live bullets and tear gas in the city of Kermanshah in eastern Kurdistan".

The sources pointed out that "the protesters are resorting to some shops and there are a number of wounded as a result of the shooting," pointing to "special forces are ready in the center of the capital Tehran, in preparation for the face of protests."

In a related context, the official Iranian media said that 100 banks and shops were looted during the demonstrations.

Iran is witnessing widespread public protests after the price of gasoline increased by more than 50%.

The protests, involving more than 100 Iranian cities, led to widespread riots and the burning of government and other headquarters of banks and Basij forces.