Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union: We will not exploit religion for political purposes

09/12/2019 - 16:28 Published in News/Kurdistan

With the participation of the Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union and a number of officials on Sunday, Halabja, Garmian and Shahzour centers held their mini-conference in preparation for the general conference of the party.

 Salahaddin Muhammad Bahauddin said in a speech "The Kurdistan Islamic Union did not fall under any influence, whether from the internal, regional or international powers," explaining that "this matter was not easy and continue our moderate approach since the announcement more than 25 years ago."

Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union stressed that "since the first hour of the declaration of the KIU and in addition to our interest in the religious side and work to call for the religion of God, we have rejected the idea of ​​carrying weapons and extremist ideas," adding that "these features and other achievements distinguished the Islamic Union in the political arena in the region Kurdistan. "

He pointed out that "our policy has always been from a religious perspective and we have never worked to use religion to obtain the votes of voters in elections."

Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union stated that "we cannot work according to Machiavellian policy, nor to deviate from the principles we embodied during decades of secret and public struggle."