Secretary-General of the KIU: the identity of the Kurdish people is in danger

10/12/2019 - 23:21 Published in News/Kurdistan

Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union, Monday, stressed that the identity of the people is in danger and that there are several attempts in different ways to change and conceal the youth’s affiliation from all classes.

This came in a speech by Salahuddin Muhammad Bahauddin during his participation in the mini-conference of the Islamic Scholars of the Kurdistan Islamic Union, located in the city of Sulaymaniyah.

Secretary-General said in his speech that "it is the duty of scholars, especially the scholars of the Kurdistan Islamic Union, to work to confront the programs and plans in place in order to seduce the youth and change their affiliation".

With regard to the General Conference of the Kurdistan Islamic Union, Secretary-General added that "all measures for the eighth conference of the Islamic Union are ongoing as required, and we hope that this conference will be a station for review."