Iran warns the Kurdistan region

27/01/2020 - 21:48 Published in News/Kurdistan

On Monday, the official Iranian newspaper, Jomhouri Islami, sent a warning to the Kurdistan region, after reports that there are talks to establish bases for the American forces in the region, stressing that Washington wanted to turn Kurdistan into a point to start its wild adventure.

The newspaper wrote in its editorial titled, "American Ambitions in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq" about the American moves and attempts aimed at circumventing the decision of the Iraqi parliament calling for the exit of American forces from Iraq.

The newspaper stated: "There are discussions between the Americans and officials in the Kurdistan region of Iraq regarding setting up new American bases there to circumvent the decision of the Iraqi parliament, in violation of the sovereignty of Iraq."

The newspaper added, "Officials in Iraqi Kurdistan should avoid making miscalculations, and the perception that the presence of American forces will guarantee security is a completely wrong perception." is never in the interest of Iraqi Kurdistan. "