Spokesman of the KIU: the resumption of parliamentary sessions on Thursday

Wednesday, 13 September 2017 14:42

A spokesman for the Kurdistan Islamic Union confirmed the resumption of sessions of Kurdistan parliament tomorrow Thursday.

Head of the Political Council and spokesman of the Kurdistan Islamic Union Hadi Ali in an interview with reporters after the meeting with the joint delegation of the Democratic Party, and the Patriotic Union on Wednesday, 13/9/2017, said they agreed with the two parties to resume parliamentary sessions of Kurdistan on Thursday, stressing his party's bloc participation in tomorrow's session.

He pointed out that the activation of the role of the Parliament of Kurdistan in itself solve many of the outstanding crises in the region.

It is noteworthy that a joint delegation of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan had visited the headquarters of the Kurdistan Islamic Union on Wednesday in the city of Erbil after a series of intensive meetings with political parties on the activation of parliament.