Kurdistan Regional Government responds to Abadi's statements

Thursday, 07 December 2017 15:14

The Kurdistan Regional Government responded to statements by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi on the salaries of staff of the province and border crossings and airport management.

Government spokesman Sufian Dzayi said in a statement that "Haider Abadi repeated for more than once and claims that he will send salaries of employees of the Kurdistan Region and for that they are now in the process of auditing the lists of salaries of employees in the region, but as we said earlier that the federal government did not request any lists of The Kurdistan Regional Government, so we are not familiar and do not know what these lists are scrutinized by the government of Abadi? The people of Kurdistan became fully aware that these are only media statements, no longer has any confidence in these statements.

On the issue of border crossings and the continued closure of the airports of the Kurdistan Region, Dzayi said that under Article (114) of the Iraqi Constitution, the management of border crossings is not within the exclusive powers of the federal government, but jointly administered with the region, and in this regard we have repeatedly stated that the Kurdistan Regional Government ready for coordination and cooperation.

As for the closure of airports, it is a punishment for the citizens of the Kurdistan Region, and a penalty for these patients and the Peshmerga who were injured during the defense of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq in the war against ISIS and need treatment outside the country. Traveling through Baghdad or other cities is not as easy as Abadi expect , Increasing travel costs for citizens, also it takes a lot of their time. "