Kurds, Turkmen and Arabs agreed

03/03/2018 - 19:30 Published in News/Kurdistan

Kurds ,Turkman and Arabs in the city of Kirkuk and reached an agreement on the holding of the Kirkuk Provincial council election.

Kurdish MP in the Iraqi parliament on the list of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Mohammed Osman to media close to his party announced that after a 13-year conflict between the components of the city of Kirkuk on the elections of the Kirkuk provincial council, Saturday 3-3-2018 Representatives of Kurds ,Turkmen and Arabs met and reached an agreement to hold the elections of the Kirkuk Provincial Council on 22-12-2018.

He added that the three components reached a six-point agreement, the content of it is to review the city's voter register, the distribution of powers, the allocation of a seat for Christians.