Demands to withdraw from the Iraqi political process

04/03/2018 - 19:13 Published in News/Kurdistan

MP Sirwan Sereni, head of the parliamentary education committee ,a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party list on Saturday, demanded the President of the Republic of Iraq and regional leaders to boycott the political process and the upcoming elections and the convening of an international conference to find another model of governance in Iraq after the dangerous positions and insisting on passing the budget as it reduces the share of the region, stressing that what is happening under the dome of the parliament is a scheme to divide Iraq and marginalize the Kurds and the coup on the partnership.

"On the eve of the parliamentary session to complete the vote on the paragraphs of the budget that what is happening in the Iraqi Council of Representatives recently is the insistence on the marginalization of Kurds and isolate them from the political decision and push them to resort to other open options to stand up and respond to these acts contrary to the Constitution and National partnership and agreements recognized since the last decade in the share of the region in the budget"He added.

"We can not remain silent as spectators on the farce that is taking place under the dome of Parliament against the Kurds and the continuation of the policy of chauvinism and nationalism, especially in March, the month of Kurdish uprisings and martyrs Kurds."