Barzani: We are concerned towards Baghdad

04/03/2018 - 19:52 Published in News/Kurdistan

Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region in a press conference announced the concern of Kurdistan about ratify the general budget of Iraq for the year 2018 in the Iraqi Council of Representatives without the participation of Kurdish blocs.

Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region , Nechirvan Barzani, in a press conference held on Sunday announced that they are meet with the Kurdish political parties and the Kurdish blocs in the Iraqi Council of Representatives to announce a unified position and hope to solve the problems with Baghdad through the Constitution.

 He added that the problems with Baghdad are resolved through dialogue and we are ready for dialogue any time, the President of the Republic of Iraq has met with the Kurdish blocs in Baghdad few days ago, he must take his position.

Barzani pointed out that the political process in Iraq is not the property of one party and we continue to dialogue with Baghdad, we are optimistic in solving the problems.