Jamal Kochar : Our parliamentary struggle for the welfare of people not for personal or partisan interests

Monday, 23 April 2018 14:48

Jamal Kochar , candidate of the Kurdistan Islamic Union list 175 for the elections of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, said that "our parliamentary struggle in Baghdad will be for the people's welfare not for personal and partisan interests."

Jamal Kochar , the candidate for the province of Dohuk in a statement to Kurdiu stressed that in the event of winning the elections, will start a constitutional battle to stabilize the rights of citizens of the Kurdistan Region, will work to form a "Kurdish work room" and "Remove the salaries of people from the political conflict.

He explained that the efforts of the Kurds in Baghdad are scattered, there is a sharp division must be overcome by the collection of all the Kurdish blocs in a joint political and parliamentary project, which ensures the identification of goals and active participation to stabilize the rights of the people of Kurdistan.

He stressed that he will be committed to the promise made to the voters, he has experience 4 years in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, gained experience during this period.