Iraqi government withdraws its troops from Kirkuk

15/07/2018 - 17:01 Published in News/Kurdistan

The Iraqi government withdraws its forces in the cities of Kirkuk and Tuzkurmato and send it to the vicinity of Baghdad, to control the security situation in Baghdad in anticipation of the demonstrations.

Kamal Karkuki, a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) leadership, told media close to his party that a large force of Iraqi federal police had withdrawn from Kirkuk and Tuzkurmato and headed to Baghdad.

On his part, the PUK official in Tuzhurmato Mala Karim Shukr announced that the Iraqi army had withdrawn part of its forces in the area of ​​Tuz and Kirkuk.

The withdrawal of the Iraqi army from Kirkuk and Tuz comes at a time when the cities of central and southern Iraq, witness large demonstrations, where the demonstrators burned the party headquarters in the city of Muthanna.