KDP : the past experience to form the region government will not be repeated

18/07/2018 - 18:27 Published in News/Kurdistan

Leading member in the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Abdul Salam Barwari, on Wednesday, confirmed that the experience of 2014 to form the region government will not be repeated, noting that some of the forces participating in government acted negatively.

"The experience of 2014 for the participation of all parties in the formation of the Kurdistan Regional Government will not be repeated in the future," Berwari told Alsumaria News, noting that "some of the forces participating in the government acted negatively and played the role of the opposition at a time it was occupied the most important sovereign posts in the region."

Berwari predicted that "the political map in the Kurdistan region will not witness a change as a result of the next region parliament elections ," likely at the same time, "the occurrence of some minor changes in the area of ​​Sulaymaniyah."