The Turkmen Front opposes the return of the Peshmerga to Kirkuk

28/10/2018 - 18:22 Published in News/Kurdistan

The Turkmen Front informed President Barham Salih of not agreeing to the return of the Peshmerga to Kirkuk and the disputed areas, while demanding that the Turkman be given the governor post of Kirkuk or the police chief.

Media sources on the leadership of the Turkmen Front, Sunday, quoted "there is a Kurdish opinion on the return of the Peshmerga to the province of Kirkuk and the disputed areas during the next phase," pointing out that "the Turkmen told Barham Saleh they are not agree on those demand and the survival of federal forces in the province without the return of Peshmerga" .

Added that "the return of the Peshmerga to Kirkuk is unacceptable and can not be achieved at all," called for "granting the Turkmen the governor of Kirkuk post or the police chief as the right of the component."

The President of the Republic Barham Saleh has announced on Saturday that he will sponsor a national dialogue between the people of Kirkuk province to solve their problems, stressing that the normalization of the conditions of Kirkuk must be through the resort to the people of Kirkuk.