A wave of rain and snow coming towards the Kurdistan region

10/12/2018 - 16:47 Published in News/Kurdistan

The meteorological and seismic monitoring department announced that the Kurdistan region will be exposed to a new wave of rain and snow, while confirming that temperatures will rise from Monday.

The statement said: "On Monday, the weather will be partly cloudy with fog in some areas with expectations of rain in the mountainous areas.

The province of Halabja recorded the highest percentage of rainfall during the past 24 hours, reaching 24 mm.

The province of Dahuk have seen the highest rainfall during the year, reaching 370.3 mm compared to 55.4 mm until this time last year.

below are the amounts of rain falling in the provinces of the Kurdistan region during the current year:

Dohuk: 370.3 mm

Sulaymaniyah: 366.1 mm

Halabja: 323.8 mm

Erbil: 285.7 mm

Kirkuk: 206.4 mm