Kurdistan parliament is preparing to hold a new referendum in the province

15/12/2018 - 21:42 Published in News/Kurdistan

Adviser to the Kurdistan parliament, Tareq Jawhar, said Saturday that the parliament of Kurdistan, in 2009, drafted an initial draft of the constitution of the province, and asked the Electoral Commission in Iraq to include it within the draft referendums but was rejected for political reasons.

"The draft of another constitution was written during the previous session, but because of the disruption of the work of the parliament and internal problems did not pass the Constitution of the region."

He added that "the Parliament of the region is determined during the current fifth legislative session to complete the draft constitution of the Kurdistan region, and will not need the approval of the federal government and neighboring countries, as happened in the referendum because it is a local constitution specific to the province and the basic requirement to be placed before the project is not to conflict with the Iraqi constitution Federal ".

He noted that "after the completion of the project, the Electoral Commission in the Kurdistan region will hold a referendum for citizens in the region, for the purpose of voting on it."