Sulaymaniyah police reveal new details in the case of burning women and their three children in Chamchamal

13/01/2019 - 18:58 Published in News/Kurdistan

Sulaymaniyah Police announced on Saturday the completion of investigations into the burning of a family by the head of the family in the town of Chamchamal south of Sulaymaniyah province.

"We have completed investigations into the case of (Siwan Qadir) and sent it with all the reports of forensic medicine and civil defense to the court ," spokesman of the Sulaymaniyah police Sarkawt Ahmed told a press conference yesterday, adding that "all reports and investigation files were presented to the court" .

"So far only the husband of Siwan, who is accused of the crime, has been arrested," he said.

As for the results of the investigations and reports, Ahmad refused to reveal the contents. "I can not disclose what they contained because this is the specialty of the judiciary," he said.


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