Erbil is ready to hand over its oil to Baghdad

21/05/2019 - 17:31 Published in News/Kurdistan

Kurdistan Regional Government, Monday, confirmed that it is committed and in principle to deliver 250 thousand barrels of oil to the federal government of Baghdad, as provided for in the budget law for the current year.

"In principle, there is no problem to hand over this rate of production to Baghdad," government spokesman Safeen Dizaye told Voice of America .

"There are a number of other issues that need to be addressed. The Kurdistan region has contracts with the oil companies that have investments in the region estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars," he said. "If the rate of oil production is delivered to Baghdad, who pays the financial dues to these companies? Is the Iraqi government do that? "

Dizaye said that "it needs a meeting between Erbil and Baghdad, which has not yet been held," asserting that the Kurdistan region has expressed a willingness formally and a year ago to begin dialogues to resolve differences and outstanding issues between Erbil and Baghdad.