Children continue to pay a deadly price as they succumb to a nearly three-fold rise in attacks over the last 10 years in conflict-ridden areas, the 

Operations have resumed at Iraq's southern Nasiriya oilfield, the oil ministry said on Monday, but oil sources added that it will take up to

In a phone call made by the President of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Masoud Barzani, on Sunday, he congratulated Secretary-General of Kurdistan Islamic

The leading member the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Nasrallah Surchy, revealed the postponement of selecting the President of the Patiotic Union until after the end

On Sunday, Erbil police announced the arrest of more than 6 thousand people in 2019.

Erbil police spokesman Hooger Aziz, in a

Kurdistan Islamic Union, on Sunday, issued a statement on the occasion of the end of the party's eighth general conference, which took two days, during

A 57-year-old black rhino, believed to be the oldest in the world, has died in Tanzania, according to authorities in Ngorongoro where the animal

At least five people were killed and another severely injured in a plane crash in the U.S. state of Louisiana, local media reported Saturday.

The twin-engine

A drug dealer is arrested by Khanaqin police in possession of a kilogram of drugs.

Nihad Muhammad, a spokesman for Diyala police, announced today, Sunday, December

On the occasion of the eighth conference of the Kurdistan Islamic Union and the re-election of Salahuddin Muhammad Bahauddin, as Secretary-General of the Islamic Union,