UNAMI head of Iraq Janine Henness Blachkart on Wednesday announced UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterich's interest to follow up Iraq and his desire to visit Baghdad.


Informed political sources, Wednesday, revealed the date of the announcement of the formation of the new Kurdistan Regional Government.

The sources said that "the political forces

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) on Wednesday announced its retreat from all that was agreed upon with the Kurdistan Democratic Party regarding the formation

Seven children of a Syrian family were killed in a house fire in Canada’s province of Nova Scotia, police said Tuesday.

Halifax Police said

Russia's President Vladimir Putin warned the United States against deploying new missiles in Europe, threatening to retaliate in kind by targeting Western capitals with

Political sources, Monday, revealed the intervention of US, to resolve the crisis between the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Democratic Party.

The sources said

The Kurdistan Islamic Union bloc announced its withdrawal from the meeting held between the interim President of the Parliament, Revink Hirori with the heads of

The presidency of the Kurdistan parliament took over its functions after obtaining the votes required during the process of election within the parliament.

Parliament elected Vala

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Monday, boycotted the session of the Parliament of Kurdistan, which was held today, stressing that will not participate in the

A group of seven MPs have resigned from Britain’s Labour Party and will now sit in parliament as independent lawmakers.

The decision to leave