Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced on Sunday announced that the Iraqi parliament’s vote to remove American forces from the country is an important

The Iraqi parliament, on Sunday, decided to end the security agreement with the international coalition against ISIS, despite the absence of Sunni and Kurdish blocs,

Today, Saturday, January 4, 2020, a US Army convoy consisting of 20 military vehicles from the Kurdistan Region went to Syria.

This American force’s move to

Kurdistan Islamic Union Leadership Council today, Saturday 4 January 2020, hold its first meeting after the party's eighth conference, which was held several

Kurdistan Islamic Union issued a statement today, Saturday, January 4, 2020, on the latest developments and events that occurred in Iraq.


The resigned Iraqi Prime Minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, sent a message of congratulations to Secretary-General of Kurdistan Islamic Union, Salahuddin Muhammad Bahauddin.


The Kurdistan National Party sent a message of congratulations to Kurdistan Islamic Union on the occasion of the eighth general conference.

In its message to Secretary-General

The health authorities in the Kurdistan Region have announced the first death of swine flu in a hospital in Erbil.

The health department in Erbil said

The General Directorate of Tourism in Sulaymaniyah has announced a census of the number of tourists who visited the governorate during 2019.

"During 2019, Sulaimaniyah received

After a member of the Kurdistan Islamic Union bloc in the Iraqi parliament asked the Iraqi Foreign Ministry to open an office (consular ratifications), the

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