A member of the Iraqi parliament announced that the new electoral law was a major legal step.

Hoshyar Abdullah, a member of the Iraqi parliament, on

Erbil police announced today that a person had opened fire and wounded an employee of North Bank in Erbil.

Hawker Aziz, a

Meteorological and Seismological Authority of the Kurdistan Region in a statement announced that a wave of rain and snow sweeping the Kurdistan Region,

On Tuesday, the Iraqi parliament voted on the articles of the electoral law after a wide debate that accompanied the completion of voting

Duhok Police announced on Tuesday that it recorded 13 thousand and 337 judicial complaints during the current year 2019.

Police said they

The Directorate of Civil Defense in Sulaymaniyah, on Monday, announced that it was controled a fire that broke out at a factory for

The Iranian government and the Kurdistan Regional Government discussed ways to develop cooperation in the customs field and facilitate trade between the two

A parked car exploded in Iraq’s western province of Anbar early on Monday, killing two soldiers and wounding an officer close to an

Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union yesterday, Saturday, accompanied by a number of party leader, visited Ashti Sports Club in the city of

The Iranian embassy in Baghdad announced extending the period of visa-free for Iraqi citizens to next February and they intend to be permanent.