An officer in the Zeravani force in the Peshmerga, ranks lieutenant colonel in the city of Erbil committed suicide during duty without knowing

The border areas of Kurdistan region in the town of Choman yesterday witnessed a wave of snowfall, according to a source from the

43 people killed in demonstrations in eastern Kurdistan have so far by direct fire from Iranian forces, Hangaw organisation for human rights said

Turkey announced on Monday that it sent a request to Germany and the United States to arrest and extradite Mazloum Abdi, commander-in-chief of the Syrian

An Office of the issuance and renewal of passports opened in the town of Soran of the province of Erbil Monday in the

The director of the rescue office of the Yazidi abductors in Dohuk Hussein al-Qaedi, on Monday, announced that hundreds of Yazidi abductees are still in

Turkish army is preparing to launch a new attack on western Kurdistan and trying to collect heavy weapons in the area between Srikani

The pace of protests in a number of Iranian cities, on Sunday, escalated because of high fuel prices in the country.


Office of the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region denied reports about the purchase of Masroor Barzani, son of Masoud Barzani and Prime

A young man was killed on Saturday by a landmine explosion in the Garmian area.

"A young man named Safar Yusuf Muhammad,